146.0 Love the Week Before Memorial Day

I'm substitute teaching yet again today! Gotta love the week before Memorial Day weekend. Today it's English again, but for a teacher I have not been in for before. Here's hoping it's fun! I have no idea what the lesson plan is or even what they are reading. The assignment came through the system last night, but with no contact from the teacher.

We walked the dogs a mile in the park yesterday. It was hot, 90F. I wore that dress and I wasn't even scantily clad, compared with some of the other women at the school. I got lots of compliments on the dress. That felt great.

Here is what I ate yesterday. I gained a pound, but I can afford it. I am well within my goal weight range of 145 to 149.9:

Two bean and cheese burritos by El Monterey, with salsa
Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Qdoba steak quesadilla with guacamole and sour cream
Handful of peanut M&Ms

I tried the new ginger shampoo and conditioner, but that was last night and I slept on it, so it is probably not a good enough trial to let you know how it worked out, for styling my hair. I will get it trimmed soon so it is not so thin at the ends.