146.2 Dogs in the Park

Here's a pretty good picture I took with the timer yesterday, of me and Oreo and Raffle walking in the park. Two other people were walking dogs, and my dogs are rapt with attention on the other two dogs! I'm never sure if they mean to fight the other dogs or make friends, if they get the chance. At the dog park they always make friends, but being on the leash makes them defensive.

We walked a mile, and I trained on the stair step exercise machine a few times when I was too excited to sit still at the computer and write. Still, I gained .2 pounds. That is OK. I am still within my weight loss goal of 145 to 149.9. Here is all that I ate yesterday:

Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips
2 slices of toast with peanut butter
El Monterey bean and cheese burrito with salsa
Leftover baked chicken, carrots and Brussels sprouts
Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Handful of chocolate chips