I'm a Hippie Once More - Refusing to Participate in Hatred

The conflict I am against now is the "us and them war" that agitators keep trying to stir up. Rich vs poor, black vs white, men vs women, Republicans vs Democrats... I am going to stop participating in the "us and them war." I wish everyone would. I am disgusted with all of it: Facebook "friends" telling me I'm an idiot because I disagree with their politics, talking heads on TV saying how evil so and so is for disagreeing with the TV station's politics, gossip rags quoting people out of context to stir up hatred...

Listen to my theme song and read the lyrics. The only thing I would change is to capitalize the word You.

It's about refusing to participate in hatred.

The song is "I'd Love to Change the World" by the band Ten Years After from their 1971 album "A Space in Time." They understand that taxing the rich to feed the poor is only going to make it so there are no rich people anymore. In 1971 they get that. Yet, they are hippies. It's not about hating on rich people (or white people, or Republicans, or Democrats, or anyone). It's about refusing to participate in hatred, refusing to be part of the insidious campaign to divide and conquer us.

I lost 2 pounds yesterday! 

I weighed in at 155 this morning. I walked my mile yesterday for the first time in a week, because of being sick last week. Here is what I ate yesterday and lost 2 pounds of fat from Christmas and Thanksgiving rich eating:

Special K and organic soy milk
El Monterey bean burrito with lots of salsa
Leftover baked chicken, carrots and onion
Hamburger patty, barbecue sauce, raw baby carrots

AND, today is day two with no diet soda. I survived the day yesterday, so I plan on having no diet soda again today. One day at a time ought to do it for me.