Vincent Trigili and his son like my dog alien books!

Please comment on Vincent Trigili's blog post and thank him for blogging my two free books, everyone. :) He appreciates that I write family friendly science fiction that his 10 year old son loves! This is the best feeling ever! 
Here's a recent photo of Raffle and Oreo with some Maple tree roots we see on our daily walk in the park. I find these tree roots beautiful for some reason. Of course, the dogs usually want to sniff the tree for scent messages and then struggle with each other to be the last one to leave their own scent messages. This line of Maple trees is a very popular scent message site for the local Kaxians. ;)

Do you like the new book cover concept?

This would be for Dog Aliens 2. Dog Aliens 1 would just have Raffle. I asked Midnight Whimsy Designs to somehow increase the contrast on Oreo so that the sunglasses show up better. She is going to see if she can find a Springer Spaniel or a Border Collie with white markings, or perhaps make his sunglasses shiny so that they show up better. The short story, Kaxian Duty, will have Raffle, Lido, and Skil as puppies in a spaceship but without the ties or sunglasses yet. Dog Aliens 3 will be the wolf, Neya, on the grass outside the spaceship, with Raffle in the distance in his tie and sunglasses.