Auto Awesome by Google Android

OK, I've got to share this with as many people as I can, because it's so fun! This is our new dog, Pumpkin, hunting a squirrel at the dog park this morning. Sure, I was trying to get her in the picture, but mostly I was concentrating on all the gnarly mossy branches. How cool is this gif Google made out of these photos for me?

I confess, I only bought an Android phone because of the cool "Droid" commercials on TV. I had no idea my photos would automatically upload to my Google account, let alone that Google would add special effects for me and email me highlights.

I discovered this by accident. My friends get frustrated with me because I take twenty pictures when they say one will do. Well guess what? Google automatically takes multiple photos of the same target and makes gifs for me! I don't have to know how to make gifs or even be planning on making gifs. Google does it for me auto-magically.

I kind of love you right now, Google.