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Our dog Raffle inspired my Dog Aliens novels. We adopted him from the animal shelter when he was six months old. He was the most obedient dog I ever met or heard about. One time, a cashier at the pet supply store tried to give Raffle a dog biscuit. He looked at my husband for approval before he took the treat! I hope you enjoy these photos of Raffle.

Here is a photo of our whole "pack." :)

Raffle was a very serious dog. Very intelligent, too. This photo shows that a bit.

This is my favorite photo of Raffle! There was no one at the camera. It was sitting on top of a cinder-block wall, on a timer. Raffle looked at the camera and smiled because I did! Oreo is doing his own thing, as usual.

Below is Mommy Raffle, taking his duty to help care for Oreo seriously. This comes out in Dog Aliens 2.

Dog Aliens 1: Raffle's Name, by Cherise Kelley

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