Kaxians Featured on Galactic Netcasts!

Listen to the radio show below! Dog Aliens is a series of 200-page novels for children aged 9-12, available in paperback as well as ebook. All my Dog Aliens books have happy endings, and no dogs ever die in them.

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Dog Aliens Short Story: Kaxian Duty

At three months old, Clem faces his first day of Kaxian duty with anxiety. What will his assignment be? His tail has a mind of its own, which doesn't help matters any.

Dog Aliens 1: Raffle's Name

Clem is a dog with a secret: he is an alien from Planet Kax!  Every morning, he digs out of his yard to mine jex. Unhappy with the digging, Clem's human abandons him in the mountains, where Clem discovers his talent for manipulating thoughts. This talent comes in handy when he finds himself in a cage at the animal shelter, but he goes a little nuts with it. 
Dog Aliens 2: Oreo

Oreo is a rascal dog who loves to make trouble for his goody goody adopted brother Raffle, who keeps saying they're both aliens from outer space.

Dog Aliens 3: She Wolf Neya

Available soon!

Neya’s body has changed. She has new feelings she doesn’t understand. She wants her own mate and a new pack with him. Now if Raffle would just ask her, already! She decides to make him jealous with Red, another dog alien. But this lone wolf Cholf keeps getting in the way!


My Kaxians were discussed on the radio!

It's an hour-long show, but the Kaxians part starts at 0:32 and goes on for eleven minutes! Listen here:

The Alien Invasion #99 - Poo Or Not

Galactic Netcasts' Anessa Alana Magnus Moyenes said some really nice things about my Kaxians on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. She talked mostly about my Dog Aliens short story, Kaxian Duty, but said she read some of Dog Aliens 1: Raffle's Name in order to fill in the details she needed in order to describe the Kaxians on the show's Creature Feature. :) 

A Google alert sent me this. I had no idea it was happening!