Baby Hummingbirds!

Look at this gorgeous picture my mom took a few weeks ago of the baby hummingbirds in their nest in her Southern California garden! These babies are newly hatchedby most bird standards: less than a week old, yet almost too big for the nest. She says they were flying only a week after they hatched!

I can see already the pretty colors on the male at bottom. Look how soft their feathers look, and how big their beaks are, LOL! They are so cute! I told her I want to cuddle them!

This is just a snapshot Mom took with her iPhone 3! Technology is amazing. I don't think I could have done any better with our fancy Cannon 35 mm lens film camera. There is no way that one of those little film snapshot cameras would have created a photo this clearly focused this close up, I don't think.

Have you ever seen anything so cute!

I weighed in at 158.8 this morning.

Appliances with Sad Faces

My husband picked out this rice cooker without checking to see what kind of face it had first. He looked at the machine's functions as spelled out on the packaging, compared prices, and bought the best deal. I was there, but I didn't participate as I don't eat rice. I should have.

I think the face on this rice cooker goes beyond sad into downright sickly! Look how its little tongue is sticking out of its mouth, like its dehydrated, the poor thing! It depresses me to look at it!

Do you look at the faces of appliances before you buy, or am I just nuts? Let me know in the comments section below!

I forgot to weigh in this morning, but yesterday I was at 157.4. That is .4 more than on my last post, but 2.0 less than yesterday... Yes, I still plan on getting below 150 before I get the chance to wear a swimsuit anyplace. Here in Spokane, thay won't be until July, so there's hope!

Pretty Apple Tree

This is the pretty apple tree that grows in the vacant lot next to our house. I was all set to pick the apples and eat them, but our neighbor warned me they have worms. He says the deer love to eat these apples, though, so this is a good spot for deer watching. I haven't seen any this spring yet, but my eyes are open!

I weighed in at 157.0 today, a pound lighter than yesterday, 1.4 pounds lighter than Friday, and 2.8 pounds lighter than Thursday. I am on the right track to be back under 150 soon. We had potluck lunch at church today, though, so here's hoping tomorrow's weigh-in looks good!

Train Graffiti: I Like It!

Is it weird that I like the graffiti I often see on trains? These two examples especially strike me as artistic. The Serro Spank one is an odd blend of Irish and Mexican. I know they are gang related and that vandalism is a crime. By the rules, I should condemn this practice. Much of it is ugly. But, I submit to you that some of it is art.

 My weigh-in this morning was 158.4. No, that is not good, but it is better than yesterday's weigh-in at 159.8, by 1.4 pounds. My list of excuses is long, including having wisdom teeth extracted two weeks ago. My mouth finally is pain free now, so no more excuses.