Dog Park Fun!

I get so much enjoyment out of watching Pumpkin play in the park! It's our daily dose of fun, no matter what else is going on. And she is really good about making me walk, lol!

My First Worldcon

Thanks to all five thousand plus of you who made Worldcon 2015 a great time! Thanks to Glenn Glazer for making me and Rose-Marie Lillian Worldcon Heroes. :)

It was wonderful working on the newsletter with  Tom Galloway,  Kaye Thornbrugh, Bonnie Packert,  Ruth Pitt, Judith Herman, Cathy Thornbrugh,  Kelly Thornbrugh, and Heidi Garret.

Thanks again for your help with the restaurant guide, Bonnie Packert, Ruth Pitt, Gwen Nicodemus, Cathy Thornbrugh, and Kelly Thornbrugh!

Thank you, Scott for coming along with me on this adventure and having just as much fun as I did so that I didn't feel guilty for spending so much time on it. :)

Auto Awesome by Google Android

OK, I've got to share this with as many people as I can, because it's so fun! This is our new dog, Pumpkin, hunting a squirrel at the dog park this morning. Sure, I was trying to get her in the picture, but mostly I was concentrating on all the gnarly mossy branches. How cool is this gif Google made out of these photos for me?

I confess, I only bought an Android phone because of the cool "Droid" commercials on TV. I had no idea my photos would automatically upload to my Google account, let alone that Google would add special effects for me and email me highlights.

I discovered this by accident. My friends get frustrated with me because I take twenty pictures when they say one will do. Well guess what? Google automatically takes multiple photos of the same target and makes gifs for me! I don't have to know how to make gifs or even be planning on making gifs. Google does it for me auto-magically.

I kind of love you right now, Google.