David Gerrold is the nicest author I've met

So this is the second time I met David Gerrold, at Worldcon 2016 in Kansas City, MidAmericon II. He was really nice about posing for a photo together and even was the one to ask his neighbor boothie if she would take the picture.

The first time I met David was at last year's Worldcon, in Spokane. We all laughed as I told him the story.

I was running the newsletter, and he stopped at the door.

"Come on in!" I said.

"Oh, no," said David, "If I come in there, you'll put me to work!"

"Muhahahaha! That's right! Come on in!"

"Well, I have prep work to do for the Hugo Ceremony."

"Oh my God, you're David Gerrold, aren't you!"

If you don't know who David is, he wrote the Tribble episode of the original Star Trek series, and he continues to write.

Dog Park Fun!

I get so much enjoyment out of watching Pumpkin play in the park! It's our daily dose of fun, no matter what else is going on. And she is really good about making me walk, lol!

My First Worldcon

Thanks to all five thousand plus of you who made Worldcon 2015 a great time! Thanks to Glenn Glazer for making me and Rose-Marie Lillian Worldcon Heroes. :)

It was wonderful working on the newsletter with  Tom Galloway,  Kaye Thornbrugh, Bonnie Packert,  Ruth Pitt, Judith Herman, Cathy Thornbrugh,  Kelly Thornbrugh, and Heidi Garret.

Thanks again for your help with the restaurant guide, Bonnie Packert, Ruth Pitt, Gwen Nicodemus, Cathy Thornbrugh, and Kelly Thornbrugh!

Thank you, Scott for coming along with me on this adventure and having just as much fun as I did so that I didn't feel guilty for spending so much time on it. :)