Go Go Boots and Oreo the Black and White Dog

I have to admit: I was going to be the star of this photo. I thought I looked so cute in this retro 1960s outfit, complete with shrimp boots that resemble the go go boots I used to wear to elementary school. But I have been upstaged by my black and white dog, Oreo!

How cute is this picture of Oreo! It characterizes him perfectly, capturing the smug look his eyes get when he thinks we aren't looking.

Like our other dog, Raffle, Oreo is a mutt we rescued from the pound. Near as we can tell, he is part Springer Spaniel and part Border Collie. His strongest trait is the hunting instinct.
I lost 1.8 pounds yesterday, and am once again within my goal weight of 145 to 149.9 pounds. I substitute taught yesterday, which means I was on my feet most of the day. Additionally, I walked Oreo half a mile in the park. Here is what I ate yesterday: Special K and organic soy milk, raw baby carrots with two tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip, 1 Trident Alaskan Salmon Burger off the bun with Robert Rothschild's Habanero sauce, mixed Chinese vegetables stir-fried in the oil from the salmon burger.


  1. Cute outfit!! Love the boots for a rainy fall day!

  2. Thanks Angela! Most fall days are rainy here in Spokane, as are most spring days. And even on clear days, the grass in the park is perpetually wet.

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