Pretty Apple Tree

This is the pretty apple tree that grows in the vacant lot next to our house. I was all set to pick the apples and eat them, but our neighbor warned me they have worms. He says the deer love to eat these apples, though, so this is a good spot for deer watching. I haven't seen any this spring yet, but my eyes are open!

I weighed in at 157.0 today, a pound lighter than yesterday, 1.4 pounds lighter than Friday, and 2.8 pounds lighter than Thursday. I am on the right track to be back under 150 soon. We had potluck lunch at church today, though, so here's hoping tomorrow's weigh-in looks good!


  1. I love to watch deer. We have a spot we go to and we're practically guaranteed to seem them. You're lucky that they're so close!

    Good going on getting back down to your goal weight!
    I only wish I would've kept myself in check so long ago. Thankfully we get a brand new day to get things right. :)

  2. Of course it's "see" and not "seem". :)

  3. I'm not there yet! I weighed in at 159.2 this morning. My goal is below 150.

    I do count myself blessed to be able to see deer so often. Now that spring is here, the dandelions should crop up again. Last year, the deer were in our front yard eating dandelions every evening. We could see them out our living room window!


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