Appliances with Sad Faces

My husband picked out this rice cooker without checking to see what kind of face it had first. He looked at the machine's functions as spelled out on the packaging, compared prices, and bought the best deal. I was there, but I didn't participate as I don't eat rice. I should have.

I think the face on this rice cooker goes beyond sad into downright sickly! Look how its little tongue is sticking out of its mouth, like its dehydrated, the poor thing! It depresses me to look at it!

Do you look at the faces of appliances before you buy, or am I just nuts? Let me know in the comments section below!

I forgot to weigh in this morning, but yesterday I was at 157.4. That is .4 more than on my last post, but 2.0 less than yesterday... Yes, I still plan on getting below 150 before I get the chance to wear a swimsuit anyplace. Here in Spokane, thay won't be until July, so there's hope!