153.8 and Going Back Down!

 I weighed in at 153.8 this morning, and that is going down to below 150 by the end of July! It's a fact! I lost .6 pounds this past week. I know, I need to step the weight loss rate up a bit. We are enjoying an active outside lifestyle this summer, which is helping.

Isn't that a cool VW Bug? It was parked there outside the Coeur d'Alene Visitor Center when we arrived the other day. I don't really know where anyone surfs in a lake, but wow, does it look cool!  Oreo jumped in the lake down there on the boat ramp. He's all wet in the picture.

Those are the yummiest strawberries I have ever tasted! We bought them today at Costco. I ate TEN of them! I made them my side dish with my salmon patty, for dinner! I just grab them by the stem and nibble away, no sugar added nor needed. If they are ripe, then strawberries are perfectly sweet just au natural. I very pointedly did not sample anything at Costco. It wasn't even that difficult. I made sure and ate my lunch right before we went shopping.

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