1968 Chevy Pickup $4,500 Spokane

This is a cool truck that Scott and I saw on one of our walks this past week. It's a 1968 Chevy Pickup, according to the sticker on the windshield. The Union Gospel Mission of Spokane wants $4,500 for it. The interior looked decent. Some of the upholstery was coming apart at the seams, which is easy to fix with a needle and thread. I was impressed that the original vinyl paneling was intact, and the ceiling wasn't coming down. It has funky analog dial meters.

I thought this truck was so cool, I made this picture my Facebook cover! I was surprised at the asking price. They have newer cars for sale at less than $1,000. I guess the coolness factor comes into it even for charity!

I weighed in at 151.4 this morning. I lost .8 pounds last week. Just 1.5 pounds to lose before Saturday! I think I can; I think I can...

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