Fall Leaves Pictures and Raffle!

I've been a photo-taking fool these past few weeks, with all the maple trees turning yellow for fall. They don't turn that gorgeous red color here in Spokane. They fall while they're yellow. Still, the maple trees are magnificent in October.

 My Minnesota cousin Kathy thinks pine trees are ugly. Any other time of year I disagree, but in autumn the maple trees outshine the pine trees by a large order of magnitude. I will give her that. Maybe she'll admit that the pine trees make a nice background for the maples, here in Washington State.

I did manage to catch a few pictures of Raffle while he was running around at the dog park. Well, I caught a lot of pictures of him, but I managed to catch a few where he wasn't checking out the scent poles, LOL!

I weighed in at 157.6 this morning. I won't tell you what it was yesterday, only that I lost more than 2 pounds yesterday. We got pumpkin spice bread mix from Costco and have been indulging in pumpkin spice pancakes on Sundays. Oh, yum! I like them even more than pumpkin pie! The mix is made by Krusteaz, and it's really easy. Just add water and eggs. I was planning on getting pumpkin spice pancake mix at Trader Joe's because they sent us a flyer, but then I saw this one on my usual Costco run and saved us a trip. It's only for a Sunday indulgence during October.

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