Wisdom Teeth Out: Baby Food

I'm gearing up to have oral surgery tomorrow. They pulled my left two wisdom teeth a few years ago, and tomorrow the right two are going. Last time, I lived on instant mashed potatoes for a week. This time, I wised up and bought baby food, which has come a long way! They have lasagna, spaghetti with sauce, turkey dinner, pasta primavera, roast beef, and lots of cool seedless breakfast stuff, too! I got oatmeal with pears and cinnamon, rice cereal with pears. and blueberry pear puree.

It is important that whatever you eat after having teeth extracted be seedless because seeds can get stuck in the root canal and interfere with blood clots forming and gum tissues healing. I got mighty tired of eating mashed potatoes every day last time, so this time I hope variety is the spice!

I weighed in at 155 this morning.

I am doing great staying off the diet soda and switching to decaf coffee. So far, so good on that front.