Blueberries and Cheese

OK, I get some weird ideas when I am home alone on Valentine's Day because my husband has to work, but hey, this was good! What looks like butter in the custard dish with the blueberries because of bad lighting is actually a slice of American cheese. I folded it twice, stuck it in the blueberries, and microwaved on high for twenty seconds. The result was sort of like blueberry pie without the crust and sort of like blueberry cheesecake. I will definitely have it again!

I weighed in at 154 this morning, but I have been eating chocolate today... We are going out to dinner Saturday, for Valentine's, with our whole church. It was really fun last year. There are going to be door prizes and everything! Everyone brings one, and then we draw numbers. No stealing gifts, though. It's not a white elephant exchange. Anyway, it's a buffet place. I plan on loading my plate full of steak and veggies, and then going ahead and having dessert!

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