Cats Watching Baby Hummingbirds Fly

Here is the other side of Mom's kitchen window: her two cats watching the baby hummingbirds have their first flight! The glass of the kitchen window stayed between predator and prey the entire time. None of the animals was hurt. It amuses me that Mom loves the cats just as much as she loves the hummingbirds, and that she appreciated the predators' fascination with their prey.

At first, I said, "Poor kitties!"

"Poor kitties? No! They are very entertained," Mom said. "You should see them: eyes as big as saucers!"

Again, these are just snapshots that Mom took with her iPhone 3! It takes better pictures than my dedicated digital camera.

Thank you, Patty, for reminding me I need to post about my weight loss (or lack thereof) because you come here to be motivated toward your own weight loss.

I have been slacking on my weight loss. I still haven't lost those extra ten pounds I gained last Christmas! I weighed in at 157 yesterday. Most of my teaching clothes are too tight to wear to school. I have one pair of work pants I can wear. My Levi's 505s still fit, but they are tight, too. Mom gave me clothes money for Christmas, but I promised myself I wouldn't spend it until I lost these ten pounds. I still need to do that. I had a good excuse up until this week: the cold weather. These extra ten pounds help keep me warm.

While that is true, I will so not be gaining any extra weight next Christmas. I hate this feeling of my clothes not fitting and the need to lose weight again! I am also not going to have clothes in more than one size. If I have to wear my shirts un-tucked because I can't get my pants fastened, well and fine, but I am not buying bigger pants. So, I'd better lose the weight, huh!

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