Huge Outboard Motors

Here I am next to these huge outboard motors we saw outside the Spokane Boat Show last month. Even one of these motors is bigger than me, but this boat has two! Can you believe it? The boat isn't even that big! It's not even a ski boat, but a fishing boat. I just had to record how incredulous I felt at seeing such a thing. It's not even as if Spokane is close to the ocean, either, just lakes.

I weighed in at 155.0 this morning, which means I lost .6 pounds yesterday. I did walk my mile yesterday, in the park with Oreo. Yeah, the weight loss is slowing down, so I'm going to try a bit harder today. I want to be back in my work clothes before I go to a conference in late May. Maybe I'll even buy a new outfit for it, but I will not shop for clothes until I am at my goal weight of 145 - 149.9 pounds.

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