Fat Kids Gotta Eat?

One of many motorboats we saw in Port Angeles, WA sported the quoted slogan, "Fat Kids Gotta Eat!" I Googled this slogan and discovered an (adult) website with a burger and pizza theme. "I hate exercise," the site declares. In my fat days, I would have bought right into the club and been glad to find kindred spirits. Now that I am trying to stay in shape, I think it's sad that people recruit others to be fat with them.

Anyway, today I weigh 157.8, same as yesterday. I overdid it on the Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Clusters yesterday. I did walk a mile and do ten minutes of vigorous gardening.

I did really well on the first day of our vacation, when we were driving to Seattle. I had my Special K and organic vanilla soy milk breakfast, and then salads at the fast food places where we stopped for lunch and dinner. I felt my shorts get looser.

It was a vacation, though, so I didn't plan on losing weight overall, just maintaining and not gaining any. I did pretty well with that, mostly because I have learned to love exercise. I'll be 50 soon, so I take exercise slowly. I mostly walk, do housework, and garden.

Port Angeles is a great place to walk around! East First Street is like every old Main Street in the USA. There are many little shops to poke into, and if you are a Twilight fan you get excited about the restaurant where Bella Swan and Edward Cullen went on their first date, Bella Italia, and about the movie theater and dress store where Bella went with her friends.

Part of the reason we took this trip is we lived in Forks, WA in 1996 / 1997. We wanted to see how Twilight has changed Forks and Port Angeles. More on that in the days to come!

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