Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

Today I was a guest blogger at Long and Short Reviews. I posted ten things you might not know about me. Go check it out!

I weighed in at 159.2 this morning. I was down to 158.4 yesterday, but then I did something stupid. I didn't plan my meals around the errands I had to run. I wound up binging on the cheese and crackers packages we keep in the truck for emergencies.

It would have been fine if I had eaten just one portion, but no. I kept wanting another portion. I ate six individual packages. That probably contained enough calories for two days, let alone all the sodium that's in those.

My shorts are tight again. Thank God I can still get into them, but I have four more pair in my closet that don't fit right now. That is unacceptable. I have been good so far today. Today is all I have control over.

Yep, up top with the gold leather jacket is a picture of me! It was taken in 1994. It suits the mood of my book, How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories, so I am using it in promotions for the book. The paperback is on sale at Amazon right now for $13.13!

This book is non-fiction. One by one, fifty married women each tell you how they turned their boyfriends into husbands in this day and age when men think living together is just as good as being married. I wrote it to help all the single ladies out there who wish he would just propose, already. Chances are, you know a lady in this predicament.

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