Gained Ten Pounds Over Christmas

I gained ten pounds over Christmas. It isn't Christmas without cookies! I had gotten back down to 151.8 last Saturday, but then Sunday came with church potluck, so I figured I might as well make pancakes for breakfast and eat garlic bread late at night... Yesterday I weighed in at 153.6! Today I am back down to 152.8. Whew! Still trying to get back inside my goal weight of 145 to 149.9 so I can go spend this gift card at TJ Maxx and get some new clothes...

I walked all over Costco and Walmart yesterday. It was too icy to venture to the park. A few Walmart employees asked if they could help me find anything.

"Nope, I'm just getting my daily workout!"
"Heh! I see!"

They smiled about it. We have a brand new Walmart just a mile from us, right next to our Costco. Who needs the mall anymore?Here is what I ate yesterday and lost .8 pounds, along with walking at least a mile inside warm stores:

Special K, organic soy milk, and blueberries (2 helpings: I got up at 4 and had 'second breakfast' at 7)
1 El Monterey burrito with salsa
Costco Samples: half a cheese ravioli with olive oil and garlic salt, 2 Wheat Thins with cream cheese, two bites of a chicken patty made with cheese and rosemary)
Baked chicken, onion, and baby carrots
2 Tootsie Pops

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