Spokane Pretty in Snow

This is my view from my desk at home! The falling snow didn't show up in the picture, but it is enchanting to watch. All the Spokane schools are closed today. There aren't any kids living close by, but I bet they are all out sledding and making snow men.

The old, pioneer-style houses make this showy view pretty to me, along with the pine trees. Spokane was the first white settlement in Washington, created as settlers first started arriving along the Oregon Trail. Many of these structures survive, and more like them have been built in imitation. Our movers told us Spokane has the smallest houses in the US. I find them so quaint to look at! Not all the houses are small. We found a decent sized house to rent.

The temperature is exactly 32 at 9 this morning. It is supposed to warm up later on. We have had a steady inch or two of snow that stays, but it is not usually tough to drive in if you have studded tires, which we just got ourselves for Christmas! They cost $766 installed, and they are worth every penny.

I had taken myself off the substitute teaching call list for today anyway, because of my cold or flu, whichever it was. I think I will be free from contagion and able to work tomorrow. I usually wait to go back to work until I have been cough and sneeze free for 24 hours. I wish everyone did!

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