147.0 Do you hate water? Why?

I recently heard of two respectable people who hate drinking water. These aren't kooks who live on the streets or in their parents' basements. One is a minister and the other is a teacher. The teacher is pregnant. Both admit having health problems because they got dehydrated, and yet they hate drinking water.


We have great-tasting tap water here in Spokane Valley, too. I grew up in the greater Los Angeles area, where the tap water tastes like butter because it is so full of additives. Spokane Valley water comes from the swift-flowing Spokane River. It tastes like Heaven. If your tap water tastes chemically, then I say get a filter for it, but don't avoid drinking water!

I wasn't able to ask either of these people why they hate water. The minister said it from the pulpit. I found out the teacher hated water from a note on a gift of bottled water that some students left for her while I was substituting for her.

Do you hate water? Why? Please comment and explain, because I honestly don't get it.

I myself used to avoid drinking water because I have a small bladder and I didn't want to be running to the restroom every thirty minutes. Guess what? I used to get migraine headaches all the time. I am convinced that half my migraines were caused by dehydration. I think the other half were from being overweight. I didn't hate water, though. I just avoided it for what I thought were logical reasons.

I must have drank three gallons of water yesterday. It finally warmed up here, and Spokane has low humidity. I just have a glass of water next to me at all times, in summer, and drink it whenever I think of it. In winter, I drink maybe half that much, a gallon and a half.

I lost 2.6 pounds yesterday. I walked the dogs in the morning, a mile in the park. I shopped at TJ Maxx. Other exercise I got was random acts of housework. I can't remember what all I did. I know I vacuumed. Here is what I ate:

El Monterey beef and bean burrito with salsa
Half a can of Cattle Drive chili, red bell pepper sauteed in a pat of butter, two slices of American cheese and a cup of corn tortilla chips to eat it with
Baked chicken, carrots and red bell pepper
One Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Peanut bar