149.6 Ghost Cloud

Look at this scary ghost cloud I photographed in the Spokane Valley sky yesterday! It looks just like one of the ghosts in the movie "Ghost Busters!" If you don't see it, the head is at 7 o'clock on the sun, facing left with a nose and an open mouth. The ghost's right hand is at the far left of the photo. The ghost's right hand is at 4 o'clock on the sun. The ghost's body is all the black clouds that go back into the distance. Isn't it scary and cool! (Read this if you don't know what I mean about 7 o'clock on the sun.)

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I went a little overboard on my eating yesterday and gained 1.2 pounds, but I am still within my weight-loss goal of 145 to 149.9 pounds. I walked the dogs a mile in the park, and I shopped at Costco. Here is what I ate:

Small bowl of Special K and organic soy milk
Maple bar and frosted nutty cinnamon roll at fellowship before church

Church luncheon send-off for a missionary:
Turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on a bun
4 potato chips
Half a cup of potato salad
2 scoops of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream (Yum! Blue Bunny is the best ice cream ever!)
Oatmeal cookie

Bean and cheese burrito with salsa
Custard dish of peanut M&Ms
Cup of corn tortilla chips

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