151.2 "Food Should Taste Good" Brand Multigrain Tortilla Chips

I gained 1.6 pounds yesterday and am now 1.3 pounds over my goal weight. Today is a Scarsdale Medical Diet day. I can't blame these new multigrain tortilla chips we got at Costco the other day. I take full responsibility for having eaten them.

Be warned. These chips do taste good, sort of like a cross between corn chips and Wheat Thins. They don't taste quite as intoxicatingly good as Ritz Crackers, but I found them as addicting as potato chips. Once I started eating them, it was very difficult to stop. I find these multigrain chips more difficult to stop eating than regular corn chips.

Grains are dangerous for me. Eating bread, rice, pasta, or other grains only fills me up for a little while, and then makes me crave more of them. I call this flour cravings. Grains have lots of calories, so I usually try to avoid starting this cycle of flour cravings. I eat very little bread, crackers, rice, or pasta.

For exercise yesterday I walked two dogs a mile, in the rain. I also did a few minutes on the stair stepper, and some housework.

Here is what I ate yesterday, and gained 1.6 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K, organic soy milk, and blueberries

Chili Dip and too many "Food Should Taste Good" brand multigrain tortilla chips (I ate about 6 servings, 60 chips. Each serving of 10 chips is 140 calories.)
Nature Valley Peanut Sweet & Salty Nut Bar

Baked chicken, onions, carrots and broccoli
2 sliced Gala apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips


  1. I splurged over the weekend too. I had a gluten-free blueberry muffin and a gluten-free chocolate cupcake yesterday and also increased about a pound and a half. Darn, delicious carbs! But, it's ok. We will both get back on track! ~Angela

  2. I have grain issues too. My mouth waters when I read that you had corn chips. I can't buy them because I will eat the entire bag without putting it down. And no matter how long I go without eating them, I still crave them more than any other food.


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