149.6 Rain Boots and Shorts

Often when I walk in the park I wear rain boots with my shorts, not because it is raining, but because the grass is soaking wet from when it did rain. Spokanites have fashions in rain boots. These are actually "shrimp boots" that I got in New Orleans in the summer of 2007.

I actually went out like this in the rain the other day. It was 90F and raining. The rain stuck on the ground, but it evaporated off my clothes almost as soon as it hit them. Really a strange experience.

In summer there are more days without rain than with. Almost every day in spring is rainy in Spokane. It started freezing mid October year before last. Last year the first snow came just after Thanksgiving.

I gained 1.2 pounds yesterday. I walked both dogs a mile in the park for exercise and did a little time on the stair stepper. Here is what I ate:

Special K with blueberries and organic soy milk
Apple, chunky peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips
El Monterey beef and bean burrito with salsa
1 serving of peanut M&Ms (1/4 cup)
Apple, chunky peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips
Salmon patty and steamed broccoli
Apple, chunky peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips
2 servings (10 chips each) of corn tortilla chips

I'll be taking it easy on the eating today. I don't want to go over my 145 to 149.9 goal again.

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