148.6 Garmin Montana GPS Photo Quality

We had so much fun taking photos with our new Garmin Montana 650T GPS! Its camera has auto-focus and is 5 megapixels. It automatically geotags your photos. The whole thing is waterproof, designed for hiking. Of course, it is a GPS, so it has pre-loaded topographical maps and does all you expect from a navigation device. Because of this, we did not expect the photos to come out this gorgeous.

Look how well it adjusted for the bright background on the photo of me in the red shirt, so that just enough light fell on my face. (I'm holding a rock that Scott thought looked like an egg.) Look how well it exposed both the far backdrop and Scott's face, on the photo he took of himself. Look how awesomely focused the closeup of the flower is!

This thing takes better photos than my (2 year old) dedicated Fujifilm JX250 digital camera does, and it is all just point and click. There are no manual adjustments to make on the Garmin Montana 650T camera. We are very pleasantly surprised to have gotten a new full-blown digital camera along with our new toy.

Yesterday I weighed in at 149.4, and had lost 2 pounds since the day before. I had walked 1.3 miles. The day before I had eaten Special K and organic soy milk, carrots and 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip, a salmon patty and more raw baby carrots.

Today I weighed in at 148.6, having lost .8 pounds yesterday, when I also walked 1.3 miles for exercise. Yesterday was church potluck, so I did really well. Here is what I ate yesterday:

2 bowls of Special K and organic soy milk

Potatoes au gratin with ham chunks
Macaroni and cheese with chili spices and black beans
Rice and fruit salad
Ham and cheese wrap sandwich

Hamburger patty grilled outside on our BBQ, enjoying the last of the summer weather
Raw baby carrots
1/4 cup peanut M&Ms

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