149.0 Mmmmm! Home Grown Roma Tomatoes!

Scott's coworker gave him a bag-full of home grown Roma tomatoes the other day. Yum! Roma tomatoes are my favorite type, and home grown are usually fresher than store-bought, so they taste better. These taste great! I put them on top of my chili dip yesterday, and served them as a side dish sliced, next to Scott's Qdoba burrito.

Alas, I have a black thumb, or I would grow my own food. Seriously, I cannot grow anything. We were going to have a garden here and grow vegetables, but Scott was going to do it all. I cannot be relied upon to water plants. I never notice they are dying until it is too late. I can only care for things that remind me they need food and water. I am too wrapped up inside my head to care for plants.

I had a perfect "no gain, no loss" day yesterday, and exactly maintained my weight at 149.0. I walked my mile, actually 1.3 miles, and did my usual 30 minutes of housework. Here is what I ate:

Corn dog and mustard for breakfast (Yeah, that is weird, huh?)
Chili Dip with fresh sliced home grown Roma tomatoes on top
2 Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Bars
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
Qdoba steak taco salad in the crispy tortilla shell, but with just a dash of the salty Ranch dressing, not the five or six dashes they usually put on it
2 more  Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Bars

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