151.4 Sierra Cup for Backpacking, Why?

We were out in the wilderness backpacking the last few days, and there was no signal, so I couldn't blog. I dutifully packed my sierra cup (see photo), but I am still not sure why. We were gone four days, and I never needed it. The sierra cup is a mainstay of backpackers, though. Please comment if you know why!

In those four days, we packed 60 pounds each and covered a total of five miles. We hiked down into a canyon and back up again. The dogs came along and they each had a backpack, too, with their own food and water. They each carried about ten pounds.

The dogs are not used to their backpacks, though. Ten minutes into the first day, they ran down a hill to get to some water, and then were not able to get back up with their packs on. Scott had to take his pack off and go down the steep hill on his bottom to rescue the dogs. It was an ordeal that made us glad we always pack a rope. He needed the rope to get back up, is how steep it was.

We found a great campsite with water and a fire ring someone had made and left behind, with a little grill on it that was perfect for holding the pot we used to boil the creek water so we could make our dehydrated meals and drink. We had a lot more fun once we gave up on boiling water to drink and started using the iodine tablets we had packed for purifying the water, though. The neutralizing tablets that come with the iodine tablets really work. We could not taste the iodine.

It was really clear out and only in the 40s at night. We saw a bazillion stars each night. The moon was nearly full, but it didn't come out until after midnight, so the star gazing was great. Although it was still hot midday, it got cool as soon as the sun went behind the rim of the canyon about 6 pm, so we were in our sleeping bags by 7 pm each evening, and talked until all the stars came out around 9 pm.

I was a little sore last night after the car ride home, but today I just feel strong!  I gained 1.4 pounds since my weigh-in at 149.8 on Monday. I think it is all from the huge meal I had on the drive home yesterday, which I only plan on doing on the way home from long camping trips, so I am not concerned. Today is a diet day, and in two days maximum I will be back inside my goal weight range of 145 to 149.9 pounds. Here is what I ate yesterday:

At the campfire in the morning before hiking out: three handfuls of Chex mix, one Breakfast on the Go packet (candied walnuts, dried cranberries, yogurt-covered fruit of some kind)

At the car after hiking 2 miles out, up hill: one handful of cashews, one Parmesan cheese and crackers sandwich, raw baby carrots from the cooler, two gulps of regular Pepsi

On the drive home: Deluxe cheeseburger on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo; handmade chocolate shake (20 ounces), potato chips

Dinner at home: one can of Amy's organic minestrone soup, 10 corn tortilla chips, 1/4 cup peanut M&Ms


  1. I think because it's sort of multi-functional? You can cook in it and use it as a bowl or cup. It looks sort of heavy though, so I think I would prefer my light plastic bowl and cup set (we have a jetboil that we boil water in).

  2. You're probably right, Amy. Thanks! And, I am looking up jetboil right now!

  3. It was handy for back when we could make a quick stop at a stream and scoop up some water and drink it. Now everyone filters or purifies water.

    1. Thank you! You're right. I bet the giardia was in the water even back then, but we had immunities for it. Scary how dependent we are on filtered water now.


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