149.6 Love Halloween Costumes as Much as I Do?

Does anyone love Halloween as much as I do? It isn't the scary part I love, it's the costumes! This photo is just one of many I have made to show off all the costume ideas I have written up over the years. Some movies and TV shows just beg you to turn their characters into costumes. Some like the Priest movie of 2011 make really easy costumes. Others, like V, give you simple and subtle costume ideas that are actually challenging to bring to life.

My favorite Halloween costume ever was when I used hair paint to paint my face blue and worked a whole shift as a cashier at Sears dressed as a celt in woad. My next favorite was the year we made nylon jeans with fake plastic seams and polyester T shirts with velcro vents and went as under cover space aliens. We didn't even know about the TV show V when we did this, but if you have watched this show, then you have a good idea of the concept.

I have made a costumes Pinterest board where not only do I pin up my costume ideas, but now my friends are pinning up their costume ideas, too! These are costume ideas for all ages, from babies to grannies. Some of these require sewing, but many you can throw together from things you have around the house. One of my favorites of other people's ideas posted on my costumes Pinterest board is a candy corn costume for a baby. It is so cute!


I lost .8 pounds yesterday. It was probably water weight from the salty pizza I ate Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't really take it that easy yesterday. I walked my 1.3 miles, and I substitute taught, which means I was on my feet most of the day yesterday and half the day Tuesday. I will be today, too. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Special K and organic soy milk
2 servings of brown sugar cinnamon instant Oatmeal
Ritz cheese and crackers snack
Chili Dip
1/4 cup peanut M&Ms

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