143.4 Walking Is Discovering

Our neighbor has this loose stone wall facing our side of the alley out back. I don't think he means for it to be picturesque -- he has old doors piled atop it to make a sort of work surface. As I walked down the alley for the first time since last summer yesterday, I happened to see these wild blue bells growing among the stones.

I see so many lovely sites when I go out walking! We live in Spokane, Washington, USA, but in spring we can pretend we live in Ireland. Everything is green, green, green and most people's gardens have this rustic sort of charm they didn't even cultivate. It just grows out of the Pacific Northwest pioneer Oregon Trail roots of the place. To make matters even better, it has been simply lovely outside the past three days.

In addition to these hyacinths that I saw growing wild all over, I shot photos of some other wild blue flowers in the grass of the park, an old crumbling brick wall, and some wild white mossy plants growing amid the roots of some trees. I will share those other photos over the next few days, so stay tuned.

Yesterday I walked both dogs a mile in the park while Scott slept for his swing shift. After he took the car to work, I walked a mile round trip to the Conoco convenience store and bought a Hostess apple fruit pie. I got some color these past few days, walking out in the sunshine.

I lost .4 pounds yesterday, without even trying. Here is everything I  indulged in yesterday, trying to gain a pound and get back up to 145, and amazingly lost .4 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Small apple and 2 tablespoons chunky peanut butter
Celeste supreme pizza for one with a handful of raw baby carrots
2 strips of fried bacon
3 eggs scrambled in bacon grease with onion and red bell pepper
Hostess apple fruit pie
Small bowl of strawberries drizzled with Hershey's Special Dark chocolate  syrup


  1. Hi Cherise, you look so thin, That is exactly how I looked in the past. I am hoping to be able to get back in shape you inspired me to do so. Thank you for posting.


  2. You're welcome, Patty. Thank you for reading! Here's wishing you success along your own weight loss journey.


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