145 Love Walking in Washington State

I lost .4 pounds yesterday on keep trim eating. With this spring weather, yesterday's walk around the neighborhood was pure pleasure. See the old brown barn behind me, to the left? How cool is that?

Spokane is rustically picturesque even in the alleys between the houses. Walking here feels like time travel to the pioneer days. You can tell that most people put up their own fences, out of wood or decorative bricks or stone. Many of the driveways have been re-graveled over and over for 100 years. Some people live in cabins that are 100 years old, too, home made and less than 700 square feet.

You can be in the middle of town and walk 20 minutes and be out on a farm. Large patches of land right in town are unspoiled wilderness. A large deep river with a waterfall runs right through town. It snows in winter, but in spring everything is green green green. This is so different from the deserts around Los Angeles, where I am from.

We walked 45 minutes yesterday. Here is what I ate and still lost .4 pounds on keep trim eating:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Small banana
Two mini Hershey's Special Dark candy bars in Easter wrappers, and two milk chocolate ones
Three eggs scrambled in bacon grease with onion, mushrooms and red bell pepper
Hamburger on a bun with a tablespoon of BBQ sauce and 1/3 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese
Steamed broccoli
Strip of bacon I forgot to eat with lunch!

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