146.6 I don't feel well.

Why do we say, "I don't feel well" or "She is not well"? I know, I know: "well" is the adverbial form of "good," and "feel" is a verb. Strict grammatical rules require us to modify the verb 'feel' with an adverb, 'well,' rather than an adjective such as 'good.'

However, these grammatical rules are flawed. I am not commenting on my capacity to feel. That is, unfortunately, quite unhindered. No, I am commenting on my health. My natural expression of poor health would be, "I don't feel good," and Mom, that is how I am going to say it from now on. Sorry, but Webster's dictionary agrees with me.

I have the first headache I have had in six months or so. I ate breakfast and drank lots of water and am sipping coffee in an attempt to rid myself of the headache.

Scott took this picture of me walking Oreo last week when it was sunny. Right now it is pouring rain. Last week, I felt quite good.

I gained .6 pounds yesterday. Yes, it is time to stop gaining. The weekend is over, so that is the plan. We went to a double birthday party yesterday. Our friend and his son have birthdays a few days apart. There was a bounce house for the kids. Scott and I both tried it, and it was really fun! In addition to bouncing for a few minutes, I walked both dogs half a mile in the park. Here is everything I ate yesterday:

Small green apple with peanut butter and bittersweet chocolate chips
Three donuts at church fellowship -- two were custard filled
Grilled hamburger on a bun with mayo and lettuce, handful of corn chips with cheese sauce and salsa, two grilled asparagus spears, about two cups of cut up strawberries, piece of birthday cake

P.S. The coffee is working! I feel better! No, this does not mean my capacity to feel has increased. I still feel just as well as I always have. No, now I am approaching feeling good, rather than feeling bad. Do not even get me started on feeling badly. Who feels badly? Only uncoordinated people.

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