147.2 "New" Easter Dress

I indulged in Easter chocolate, cupcakes, donuts, and apple pie. I am not sorry! No regrets! Those were part of a planned cheat on my diet, and I loved every bit of them. The two pounds I gained will come off by Friday.

This is how Scott and I dressed for Resurrection Day service at Valley View Baptist Church Spokane yesterday. Now that I have a nice figure again, I wear my (costume) jewelry again. Look Mom, I finally found a dress that this dragonfly pin looks right at home on!

I bought this "new" Easter dress about a month ago at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It cost me about $4. I love it! I decided to try and sell my old size 18 silk Easter dress at our first garage sale this summer. These darker colors look better on me than those pastels did.

We were going to walk the dogs more than three miles round trip to Lowe's yesterday, but we both got sleepy. We took an Easter nap instead. That is allowed only on holidays. Here is everything I ate yesterday:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Mini Hershey Mr Goodbar
Maple bar
A dozen homemade mini chocolate cupcakes with lemon-raspberry icing
Leftover baked chicken, Brussels sprouts and broccoli
6 oz ham steak with steamed Brussels sprouts and carrots
Hostess Apple Fruit Pie

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  1. planned cheat? I love to hear how it sound. i still on water fasting and i skip all my favorite Easter's donuts, cookies and chocolates but I still gain 0.2 kg. How bad!



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