145.6 Organized Closet

Yesterday, we organized our closet! I am looking so pleased in the before picture because I have a new summer top on, but really, how awful was that with the cardboard wardrobe boxes! Now, I have plenty of space to hang clothes up and plenty of little cubby holes to stow odds and ends. I even have baskets set up to pre-sort our laundry. This lifestyle change is from slovenly to sorted!

We bought these closet organizers at Lowe's for about $300 in 2005 when we bought the house we used to live in. We disassembled them and moved them 1,000 miles and they have been sitting in our garage for more than a year while we lived in squalor.

Closet organizers are simple to put together. All you really need is a screw driver, but we used a power drill. They come with step by step instructions and there are even videos on how to assemble them, posted on Lowe's website.

I guess Easter vacation means spring cleaning. I am very glad we organized our dressing room! It was getting frustrating, having a whole new wardrobe and no place to put it. I will say this though: my little dresser fits all my size 8 things a lot easier than it used to fit my size 20 things!

We walked the dogs two miles yesterday, down a less busy street to see where we need to turn to get to Valley View Baptist Church Spokane. It was a really nice walk and I am glad we explored it.

I gained .6 pounds yesterday, but that is OK. I will lose that today. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Small bowl of Special K and strawberries
Toasted protein bread with 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter and 1 teaspoon strawberry jam
Toasted protein bread with 1/3 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese
Beef and cheese burrito with 2 tablespoons salsa
Leftover baked Brussels sprouts, broccoli and onions
2 small bowls cheddar cheese popcorn from The Popcorn Factory
1 small bowl kettle corn

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