145.4 Fit to Feel Better

I lost 1.8 pounds yesterday and am fully recovered from my planned cheat on my diet for Easter. I walked for about an hour total and did 10 minutes on our Lifestyler stair step exercise machine. Here is all I ate yesterday:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Half a pound of hamburger fried into patties
2 tablespoons BBQ sauce on the hamburger
Steamed broccoli
Handful of raw carrot sticks

I ate all this except the carrot sticks an hour before my afternoon walk. I meant to eat a salmon patty with the carrot sticks for dinner, but I was still full from all that hamburger at lunch. I just drank cinnamon tea all evening and only ate those carrot sticks.

OK, so now I am a skinny size 8. (My husband says so, even if I look average to you.)

Skinny isn't really healthy all on its own, though, is it? Fit is really "where it's at." Times in my life when I have been getting regular exercise have been the most comfortable times in my life. My muscles didn't ache. I didn't feel like I needed a massage, heating pad, or hot bath all the time. Oh sure, my muscles were sore if I exercised hard, but it was a good kind of sore, not the constant ache I get when my muscles are crying out for me not to let them atrophy.

I am almost 50 years old. I have no delusions about looking like a teenager ever again. I feel much better when I walk every day, though. At this point in my life, fitness is about feeling better. This lifestyle change is all for me and my health. It's not about what I look like to others. This is the most motivational reason, and that is why this time I have been successful at losing weight. I wish it had been about me and my health when I was young and for my whole life. All I have is the future, though. No sense dwelling on the past.

***Edited later to add these links to other days when I lost a lot of weight on my diet:

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