198.6! And I Resisted Cookies!

My weight today is a record-breaking 198.6! I hated the new scale the other day when it said I weighed almost 5 pounds more than my old mechanical scale said. Now, I am loving my new digital scale. It shows me my weight-loss down to a tenth of a pound. I can see that I lost more than a pound yesterday, I lost 1.4 pounds to be exact! That is really valuable information, and well worth the imagined set-back of the extra 5 pounds, in my opinion.

I resisted cookies yesterday! Nevermind that my husband has Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in the fridge. I brought my lunch to church yesterday so that I could attend the fellowship hour after the service and resist the goodies they serve. Yesterday they served yummy-smelling chocolate chip cookies. The ladies I sat with asked me what I was up to, but they were satisfied once I explained, "I brought my lunch so I don't fill up on sweets." The lady sitting across from me even agreed and said, "Yes, I don't do that, either," (meaning she doesn't fill up on sweets, either).

Here is what I ate yesterday:
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Diet Ham Salad
2 cans of Diet Coke
3 ounces of leftover pulled pork and BBQ sauce from Qdoba
1 cup of lightly sauteed onions, mushrooms and yellow pepper (instead of rice or beans)
lots of ice water the rest of the evening

We did not get our walk in yesterday. The exercise I got was: walking to and from the church to the car, walking down and up the stairs at church and to my basement to do laundry, vacuuming the house and straightening the living room, and ballet-barre-style toning exercises as I described yesterday.

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