Business Trip Today

My weight: 196.4 ! I lost .8 pounds yesterday. Today, I am actually going to try wearing a pair of my 36 waist "skinny jeans" all day. They are tight in the tummy, but fit well everywhere else. I am really tired of looking like a teen boy in my saggy jeans, LOL! Instead, I'll leave the button undone on my skinny jeans and wear a biggish shirt, un-tucked.

As I said yesterday, I am starting keep-trim eating today instead of Monday, because I am going out of town this afternoon, on business. I just had my usual breakfast and will have lean meat and vegetables for lunch, so that I can eat a normal restaurant meal for dinner tonight, on my business trip.

I'll let you know tomorrow what that ends up being and if I managed to stay the same weight and not gain from it, which is the idea. I'm convinced Dr. Tarnower put keep trim eating periods in between the dieting periods as much to get me to practice eating right while off the diet as to give my body a break from the ketosis metabolism.

Here is what I ate yesterday and lost .8 pounds, along with walking a mile:

My new usual breakfast of Special K with dried strawberries, organic soy milk and three cups of coffee, black and unsweetened

Lunch of seven beef meatballs from the frozen section at Costco, microwaved for 2:30 minutes then squeezed with a paper towel to remove the excess fat, two tablespoons of pineapple habanero sauce, 1/2 cob of raw white corn and two cans of Diet Coke

Dinner was a cup of raw baby carrots, 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip and 20 ounces of Walmart Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade.

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