Keep Trim Day 1

My Weight: 196.8 I gained .4 pounds yesterday, and I didn't indulge nearly as much as I was tempted to! The general rule on keep-trim eating is to stick to three sensible meals a day without snacking and without drinking sugary drinks. Many people who reviewed Dr. Tarnower's book at said they wished the doctor had been more specific on what to eat on keep trim days.

Keep trim eating is meant to be a lifestyle change, though, not just something we do between the two-week periods we are on the Scarsdale Medical Diet. I understand why Dr. Tarnower just gave general guidelines and left the rest up to us. That said, I will be recording exactly what I eat on my keep trim days, along with how much exercise I got and how much I gained or lost or, if I do things just right, if I maintained a steady weight.

I was on my business trip yesterday. I could have been more active, but I unfortunately chose to sit down most of the day. I did get up and wander around for probably half an hour. I got home late and Scott and I went on a walk that was only 1/3 of a mile, instead of our usual mile.

Here is what I enjoyed eating on my first keep trim day!

Breakfast: 1 and 1/2 cups Special K with dried strawberries in it, 1 cup of soy milk and three cups of black unsweetened coffee -- and 1/2 cup of cubed ham left over from making Diet Ham Salad the other day

Lunch of two corn dogs with mustard and two cans of Diet Coke

Dinner at Subway: 6 inch meatball sub toasted on Italian herb cheese bread, with cheddar cheese, marinara sauce, sliced tomato and black olives (YUM!)

I wanted very badly to get a strawberry cheesecake cookie for dessert at Subway, too. A little voice inside my head kept saying, "You can afford to eat a cookie now and then!" Cookies are what got me into the size 20 pants I barely fit into last May, though.

With the information that I gained .4 pounds yesterday, I know I overdid it. Looking back, I should have had just one corn dog for lunch and added veggies to round out the meal. I could have still eaten at Subway, just not eaten the top half of the bun and not added the cheese or the black olives.

I am not going to let this minor setback discourage me, though! Live and learn is what it is all about. These keep trim days allow me to learn how to eat sensibly while I give my body a break from the stress of losing a pound a day and more under the ketosis metabolism. Scott took this picture of me yesterday, in my skinny jeans. I wore them all day! They are actually men's jeans, waist 36 inseam 30. They are a bit tight in the tummy but fit really well everywhere else! Yay!

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