159.6 Thank God for Sunny Winter Days!

It was sunny yesterday after three days of snow storms. Everyone and their sister was at Costco, stocking up and eating pizza and hot dogs, including us. We also went to the bank and to Walmart, all in ecstatic joy!

Of course, over night the slush froze into ice. I am not sure we can make it to church this morning unless we walk through the ice to our closer church, which is a mile off. Maybe God will smile on us and melt the ice before 11 a.m.

Scott took this picture of me smiling in the winter sunshine in the Costco parking lot yesterday. I am wearing the size 12 Anne Klein jeans, and look! They are baggy on me! They are even more baggy in the seat.

We walked all over Walmart and Costco, and we walked the dogs half a mile in the slushy park. We bought two pedometers at Walmart, for less than $5 each. Today we will figure out how to use them. On Mapquest we figured out our route to the park and six times around is almost exactly two miles, as we thought. I wanted the pedometers to gauge how far we walk if we do more laps, walk to church, or go shopping.

Here is the normal food I ate yesterday on keep trim eating and lost .4 pounds along with walking probably two miles total between the park and stores:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
Half a brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
1 Hershey's Drop
Half a Costco Combo Slice of pizza, Tropicana Lite Lemonade
Half an egg roll (sample)
Three bites of flax seed flavor oatmeal (sample)
Half a stuffed salmon steak, 4 Brussels sprouts, half a cup of red bell pepper sauteed in Pam
1 Hershey's Drop

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