160.2 This Is How Much Pizza

I said I was learning to maintain my weight, not that I had mastered the skill. I am still posting my "This is how much pizza I can have per day and not gain weight" picture. I posted it to Facebook yesterday because of a discussion. It really surprised me just how little food my body actually needs, compared with how much I want to give it.

Here is what I ate yesterday and gained .4 pounds, even though I ate more the day before and maintained perfectly:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
Half a dinner plate of Costco combo pizza

Baked chicken, onion and carrots

One brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart

I think the Pop Tart is the culprit. Maybe if I had eaten it in the morning before I walked my dog .97 miles in the icy park... But anyway, there you have it. Two days left on keep trim eating and I am up .4 pounds.

Some have asked me why I do the keep trim eating periods, why I don't just stay on the diet all the time until I am at my goal. For one thing, I trust to The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet because a medical doctor authored it. For another, keep trim eating is teaching me how to keep the weight off. Keeping the weight off is the hardest part in many ways.

Dr Herman Tarnower, the author of the book, "The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet," had a French cook and was a foodie like me. He was a practicing physician. Not only did he go to medical school at Syracuse, Dr Tarnower saw patients for twenty years before writing this book. He was a heart specialist, but all medical doctors have to study nutrition in order to treat the full patient. From reading his book, I know that Dr Tarnower went on the Scarsdale diet himself whenever he gained 5 pounds over his goal weight and that he weighed himself every morning to see how much he could cheat.

Medical advice aside, keep trim eating periods help me practice maintaining my weight. How am I supposed to know how much pizza I can eat without gaining weight if I don't have a chance to experiment and find out? Also, this is unscientific, but it seems as if weight loss plateaus come toward the end of my two week dieting periods. It appears that my body only wants to be in weight loss mode for two weeks or so, and then dieting becomes less effective. Finally, keep trim periods give me an end in sight, something to look forward to. I don't think I could have stayed on my diet and lost 80 pounds if I only ever got to eat diet food. I love the chance to eat normal food during the keep trim periods.

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  1. My daughter keeps gaining and is working towards a healthier eating style.
    She's switched to skim milk and is watching her portion sizes.
    Her downfall is going out to eat with friends, or what they eat at sleep overs and such.
    She is having major trouble with her knees although I don't think it's weight related...however, the knees hurting is stopping her from being very active. I will be taking her to the dr. next week (I hope, if the insurance gets straightened out)

    1. It never occurred to me that the pain I was having in my ankles was weight related until my mom told me I should lose as much as I could while I could still exercise. Best wishes to you on getting through to your daughter.

  2. I did amazingly well on a low-carb diet a year and a half ago. I was doing well in maintenance, then fell off and it spiraled from there. I need to get back at it, but it's hard to take that first step. Once I did it, it didn't bother me at all.

    You look great! (And thanks for hopping on the train)

    1. Thanks for putting the work in progress train together, MA! :)


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