159.8 Keep Trim Day 9 of 13

Today I am wearing my 32 x 32 corduroys from one of the second hand clothing stores for the first time. They are just a little smaller than my size 10 corduroys. My tummy got flat enough that I can wear them fastened without too much discomfort.

They will of course be much more comfortable when I am at my goal weight of 145. I might even need a smaller size then. We shall see! Scott took this picture of me in my 32 x 32 corduroys just a few minutes ago.

I am maintaining my weight at exactly the 159.8 pounds I started this keep trim eating period on. Yes, I am thrilled to be in the 150s! Under 150 is my goal, though, which is why I set my sights on 145. I figure at 145 I will weigh in at under 150 even in the doctor's office.

We got a ride to the church up the icy hill yesterday from a friend who has front-wheel drive. I got to sing with the pastor again. He goes in for surgery this Wednesday, so we will be praying for him. They served homemade oatmeal cookies during fellowship hour and had extras they sent home with us. I ate 6 all together: three with cranberries in them and three with chocolate chips in them. Yummy!

We walked the dogs in the icy snowy park when we got home from church. We used our new pedometers. I walked 1.26 miles in the icy snow before I got a blister and came home.

Here is all I ate yesterday and lost .2 pounds on keep trim eating:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
Half a brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
Cup of blueberries
Cup of raw carrot sticks, 2 tablespoons parmesan spinach dip
6 oatmeal cookies: 3 with cranberries and 3 with chocolate chips
Half a stuffed salmon steak, six Brussels sprouts, half a cup of red bell pepper sauteed in Pam

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