159.8 Keep Trim Day 10 of 13

I'm keeping the weight off! This is two days in a row at exactly my keep trim eating weight for this period: 159.8. I eat normal food during keep trim periods, too, which means I will be eating normal food once I am at my goal! This is encouraging.
We are excited to be invited to a Valentine's banquet through the tiny little church of the two we attend right now. I have taken a day off this keep trim period so that I can get in 14 full diet days and be back on keep trim eating for the banquet on Saturday, February 11.
What does one wear to a Valentine's banquet, though? I want to go out and buy a really pretty, fluffy dress, but in reality it will be too cold to wear a dress. Lately I am thinking maybe just a pretty sweater in red, pink or white would be best. I could wear it with these skinny fawn corduroys, or maybe even get some white corduroys at The Salvation Army Thrift Store or Good Will Store.
A lady named Erika from this same tiny church made aprons for all the ladies for Christmas. She is the same German lady who made the Christmas bread. Isn't the fabric beautiful?
We walked the dogs in the icy park yesterday, with our cleats on. My pedometer says I walked .96 miles. Walking on slippery ice while wearing cleats is easier than walking in a foot of fresh snow, but not by much.

Here is what I ate yesterday to exactly maintain my weight, along with walking and housework for exercise:
Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
1 Brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
1 Costco combo slice of pizza (from our refrigerator)
3 Hershey's Drops
Handful of cajun-breaded oven-fried trout, 6 Brussels sprouts
Custard dish of blueberries

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