164.4 Diet Day 6 of 13

I lost .4 pounds yesterday and now weigh 164.4. We didn't walk the dogs in the park. Scott had a physical therapy appointment for his arm at the VA Hospital. After that, we went shopping at Walmart, down the street. Scott took this picture of me while I was reading the label on these granola bars for him, to see if they contained any coconut.

We had so much fun shopping for things for our camping vacation this coming summer! We bought a Coleman camp stove! It can burn either Coleman fuel or gasoline.

I also bought 4 new, um, undergarments. My old ones were getting loose and humorously big in places. Most clothes I don't mind buying used, but not undergarments.

Here is what I ate yesterday and still lost .4 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and soy milk
Diet Ham Salad
One bite sample of frozen banana covered in chocolate (Costco)
Leftover baked chicken, onions and carrots

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