160.4 Keep Trim Day 2 of 13

I ate two pieces of pizza at a dinner party last night instead of the one I meant to stick to. I gained .6 pounds and now weigh 160.4. My keep trim eating goal for this 13 day period is to maintain my weight at 159.8. I walked each dog one mile yesterday for a total of two miles.

Scott took this picture of me this morning, wearing the rust color size 10 corduroys I bought yesterday at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I am bending down to pet the dog, so my tummy shows, but it doesn't when I stand up straight. I chose this picture because I like my smile. These pants have stretched out a little from wearing them and they are comfortable now. I am officially a size 10!

I wonder if the 15 additional pounds I plan to lose will make me a size 8 or just a really loose size 10. I guess we shall see. I plan on adjusting my goal weight so that I am comfortable in whatever size puts me below 145. [Later: I am a comfortable size 8 at 145 - 149.9 pounds!]

Here is what I ate yesterday on my first keep trim eating day of this cycle and gained .6 pounds while trying to maintain my weight:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
Maple bar at church fellowship
Baked chicken, onion and carrots
Two thirds of a dinner plate of Papa Murphy's veggie pizza
(I should have stopped at one third a dinner plate, but it tasted so good!)

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