161.6 Keep Trim Day 5 of 13

Hello from snowy Spokane, WA!Oreo and I trudged two miles in the snow yesterday, and yet I gained 1.2 pounds. My new secondhand pants don't fit any tighter, so maybe I am gaining muscle.

In this photo you can see the bottom half of the balaclava I wear in place of hat and scarf. A balaclava is like a ski mask except it only has one big opening in front. I pull it up to cover my nose and mouth. It covers the top of my head under my hood, and it doesn't let cold air next to my neck.
We have a cool technological arrangement that makes walking in the snow extra fun. In one ear I have an ear bud connected to a radio. In the other ear I have my new noise cancelling Bluetooth connected to my phone where I can easily hear and talk to Scott. It feels like we are on some official expedition. All the cords get a little tricky under the balaclava, but it is worth a little fuss to be able to hear each other and the radio.
We don't get that much snow here in Spokane. There is a snow warning for today and yesterday. Yesterday we got half a foot. Snow melts after a few days here, too.
Here is what I ate yesterday and gained a shocking 1.2 pounds, even with trudging 2 miles in the snow:
Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
1 Hershey's Drop (like an m&m without the shell)
1 small bite of Scott's Chocolately Mint Quaker Chewy Bar
Half a dinner plate of Costco Combo Pizza
Steamed broccoli and cauliflower topped with half a cup of grated cheese
1 Brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
Half a hamburger patty (eaten at 9 pm, so actually this may be the culprit)

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