164.0 Diet Day 7 of 13

I lost .4 pounds yesterday and now I weigh 164.0! We walked the dogs two miles in the park. I just love the way these Anne Klein jeans in this picture fit. Sadly, they will soon be too big! I just might have to buy some new once I am at my goal.

Just 19 pounds till I reach my goal of 145! I am a comfortable size 12 now, so I am sure at 145 I will be down to at least a size 10. I might adjust my target weight a bit once I try on some clothes, so that they are comfortable. I can fit into a few of the size 10 pants Mom sent for Christmas, but they are tight where they are meant to be loose.

[Edited later to add: I am now at my goal weight of 146. At that weight and my 5'7" I am a comfortable size 8. :)]

I looked up ideal body weight calculators online yesterday. It turns out there are a dozen different protocols for calculating one's ideal body weight. Also, the best protocols take age and gender into account, as well as muscle mass. There is even popular survey data that shows the heavier you are, the heavier you think you ought to be.

Anyway, it told me my medically indicated ideal weight is between 121 and 160. It said my current body mass index is 25.7 kg/m2. It says when I weigh 145 my body mass index will be 22.7 kg/m2. It says the medically indicated body mass index is 19 - 25. So, I guess I am on the right track!

Here is what I ate yesterday and lost .4 pounds:

1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk

Half a portion of Diet Ham Salad

Leftover baked chicken, onions and carrots


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