168.4 Keep Trim Day 15

I walked a mile with the dogs yesterday, and then another two miles with Scott later on in the day. It was the first time he had come out walking with me since he slipped and broke his arm, about 6 weeks ago. His arm is getting much better.
I love this pair of size 12 Anne Klein jeans that Mom sent in her hand-me-down Christmas box! These are the only women's jeans that fit me properly. Usually the hips are too tight and the waist is too loose. These are perfectly proportioned for a real woman!
I am having so much fun downloading free books from Amazon onto my new Kindle Keyboard 3G! It's a new marketing scheme all the publishers are using. The books are free when they first come out, and a lot of people post about them being free and read them and post on Facebook how they like the book. When they think they have enough publicity they start charging for the book. This takes a different amount of time for each book. It could take a month or just a few hours.
Here is what I ate yesterday and still lost .4 pounds on keep trim eating, because I walked three miles:
1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
Half a dinner plate of combo pizza from Costco, Diet Coke
Hamburger patty, 2 tablespoons BBQ sauce, 2 cups steamed broccoli, cauliflower, yellow pepper and carrots, lots of water
2 brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts

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